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Read Write Inc. (phonics and spelling)

In our school, Year R and Key Stage 1 (KS1 - Year 1 and 2) learn phonics through the Read Write Inc (RWI) program. 

Read Write Inc. Phonics, is a highly successful literacy programme for Foundation Stage and KS1 children created by Ruth Miskin and published by Oxford University Press. The training and support from Ruth Miskin Training, rated Outstanding by the Department for Education, ensure the programme has the best chance of success in schools.

The Read Write Inc. programme is carefully matched to the new curriculum, giving your children the best chance of success. The training shows teachers and teaching assistants step-by-step how to teach all children to become fluent readers, confident speakers and willing writers.

Our school uses Read Write Inc. Phonics for our children in Nursery to Year 2 and then Read Write Inc. Spelling for our children in Year 2 who have completed the phonics programme.

Read Write Inc. Phonics - Ruth Miskin Phonics TrainingRead Write Inc. Phonics is used by over a quarter of the UK’s primary schools. It is a comprehensive literacy programme, weaving decoding, comprehension, writing and spelling together seamlessly. Ruth Miskin developed the programme during her time as a headteacher in Tower Hamlets. She believes that in order for a school to be successful, every headteacher needs to adopt a consistent whole-school approach to teaching reading, writing and spelling. Fidelity to the teaching programme, rigorous assessment, tracking and one-to-one tutoring ensure that schools guarantee progress for every child.

For information and tutorials on how to support your child learning to read go to: https://www.ruthmiskin.com/en/parents-copy-2/

Read Write Inc. Spelling embeds impressive skills in just 15 minutes a day, quickly and effectively filling the gaps in children’s knowledge. To keep children engaged, aliens introduce spelling rules on an exciting online spelling planet and children complete quick-fire activities in their spelling logs. Progress is accurately recorded using practice tests and teachers learn how to move children on quickly.

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