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Pupil Voice

Classes vote in a democratic manner to choose a class representative for their School Learning Council. These Reps meet regularly for School Learning Council meetings, and hold regular Class Learning Forums with their peers.
Thank you to our School Learning Councillors who represent the children in our school.

School Learning Council 2023-2024

Term 1
The children in each class voted for who they wanted as their School Learning Council representative.
We congratulate the children for being chosen by their peers;
Year R
Class RM: Florence
Class RK: Daisy
Class RT: Keira
Year 1
Class 1C: Oscar
Class 1H: Teddy
Class 1R: Ted
Year 2
Class 2F: Matilda
Class 2S: Devan
Class 2A: Daniel

In previous meetings, the School Learning Council reps have met and spoken about their views of our school and held Class Learning Forums in order to get their peer views on the KS1 playground and the new equipment. We have also discussed the children's views of how the children in Year R have settled into school life. Feedback has been very positive, showing that the majority of children in KS1 enjoyed and could talk confidently about their learning this term. Year R have enjoyed their first term and were also able to speak about the learning that they have been doing.

A big thank you to all of our School Learning Council representatives for taking pride in their roles and contributing to our meetings!

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