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Aims, Values and Pedagogy


Our highly committed and valued staff, working in partnership with parents, governors and all stakeholders will ensure that St Margaret’s Infant school upholds our school aims:

Our school aims to develop confident and happy learners who achieve highly, always showing respect for others and a determination to do their best.

Our community code:-

Be kind,

Be safe,

Be responsible.

Our core values which are constantly referred to and celebrated:-

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Our five core values are depicted by our superhero characters as suggested by the children. Each week our 'workers of the week' are celebrated when showing one or more of the core values.

Pedagogy at St. Margaret's Infant School

We believe that basic skills underpin learning at St. Margaret’s Infant school and use a systematic approach to develop the core skills in Reading, Writing and Maths. Using a consistent whole school approach, we provide children with practical opportunities to consolidate and embed their learning, so that they have the confidence and resilience to apply the knowledge and skills to solve problems, prove their answers, explain and think critically.

 All of our subjects are underpinned through our identified pedagogical approach of:

·        Retrieval

·        Discussion and questioning

·        Modelling

·        Reflecting

·        Active learning

·        Independent practice.

Each new term the topic starts with a memorable experience; setting the scene and providing the context for learning. Within each subject area, subjects are planned using a 4-stage approach.

Engage - We start by finding out through retrieval activities what the children already know and plan how to build upon their existing knowledge through discussion and questioning.

This phase supports the children to be adventurous, excited and curious.

Develop - Next, we teach facts and information through modelling to deepen understanding and knowledge. This allows the demonstration of new skills and allows for time for children to consolidate their new learning.

This phase supports the children to be industrious, purposeful and resilient.

Innovate - Our children are then encouraged to become active learners, working collaboratively to solve problems and developing the skills to become more independent learners to showcase their newly acquired knowledge and skills.

This phase supports the children to be imaginative, inventive and resourceful.

Express – The children will then reflect and review their learning. The topic then ends with an express to celebrate and share pupils new found knowledge and skills with their peers, parents and the wider community.

This phase supports the children to be confident, articulate and reflective.

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