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OPAL- Outdoor Play & Learning


What is OPAL?

At St Margaret’s Infant School, play and lunchtimes are not a break from learning but a vital part of our educational philosophy. We have re-evaluated the way in which we approach play times and to commit to and demonstrate our understanding of the value of high-quality playtimes for all children and we are proud of our Outdoor Play and Learning (OPAL) project – a transformative initiative that has redefined the way we approach play at our school.

Research has shown that schools that have introduced measures to improve playtimes consistently report happier playtimes with fewer incidents, making them easier to supervise; quicker and better settling into class after playtimes; better attention and on-task behaviour in class; and positive parent reactions.

Children value their playtimes and it is an important part of the day to them. They enjoy being able to socialise with other children both in their year group and spend time outside. There were children who were extremely enthusiastic about sport, specifically football and basketball, and others who like to embrace imaginative play, such as den building, dancing and putting on shows. We recognise the unique preferences of each child and that is why we have been able to offer zones to offer something for everyone.

The development of our school grounds and play provision has been planned taking into account the children’s views and ideas.  Each zone has been planned and equipped with the aim of creating big spaces that are conducive to imaginative play and enable children to develop a range of skills linked to our school values.


We are excited that our playgrounds offer a wide range of activities and experiences including, den building areas, sand pits, a mud kitchen, potion stations, a scrap store area, a sports area, a scooter circuit, a dance and performance zone, a chill out zone and a water play area, a natural world area for exploring nature.

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